Kobra & the LotusKobra and the Lotus
Release Date: August 23, 2012
Total Songs: 11
Genres: Rock/Pop
Label: Universal Music Canada

Queensryche on steroids is what this Calgary quintet sounds like. The rhythm section is an exploding ordnance depot with screaming jet-fuelled guitars strafing 10 controlled explosions across the album. The one reprieve from this power plant meltdown is the rock ballad “Sanctuary”. They tour like Genghis Khan with a death wish and in short order have become a favourite at metal festivals in Europe and in North America. The sophomore album is also their first on (Gene) Simmons Records, and is given the midas touch by Canadian producer Kevin Churko. Curiously so far no Canadian release but available in Europe and the U.K.

David Farrell

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