Hush or HowlBlack Pistol Fire
Release Date: April 29, 2014
Total Songs: 11
Genres: Rock/Pop, Blues
Label: Modern Outsider

Bluesy rock never goes out of fashion. Case in point, Black Pistol Fire’s new sophomore record, Hush or Howl, takes its cues and riffs from blues giants, but still manages to sound mountainous and relevant in 2014. They’re undoubtedly indebted to the forefathers of blues (it always comes back to Robert Johnson), and there’s more than a passing nod to the swagger of the ‘70s (John Bonham-styled pounding aplenty), and to the garage rock revival of the early 00s (the White Stripes & Black Keys comparisons are unavoidable), but Black Pistol Fire play with gusto, and make it theirs. It’s electric, urgent, and surprisingly thick for a duo. If BPF keep delivering like this, it won’t be long until Rolling Stone starts gushing. 

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