Canal & RichvaleD-Pryde
Release Date: August 6, 2013
Total Songs: 7
Genres: Hip Hop/Rap
Label: Mars Music Group

Nineteen-year-old Filipino Canadian Russell Llantino, aka D-Pryde, made waves online with a series of YouTube videos that have logged 65-million views to date, and all without ever releasing a proper studio single. His new EP, Canal & Richvale, is a reflection on his roots in Brampton ON (Richvale being the street he grew up on), his current status in New York as an “MTV Artist to Watch” (he works on Canal), and the fictional intersection between the two. While it might be a little early to be nostalgic, D-Pryde is assuredly forging an identity – and, yes, is an emerging artist to keep an eye on. Be sure to follow him on Twitter as he nears 100,000 followers. 

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