Oakville, Ontario's Seaway plays your older sibling's brand of pop punk. Their music harkens back to a day when the genre centred around fun and didn't drive towards being either too pop or too punk. They strike that "just right" chord the genre is sorely missing among peers that lean towards being too heavy and metallic, or too soft and melancholic. It's a sound that instills an internal need to have a beer-fueled super soaker fight, or climb the rafters at a cottage party (all actual occurences at past Seaway shows and video shoots). Seaway's good old fashioned style brings up memories of American Pie films, songs about girls and parties, and a generally more fun atmosphere than can be found anywhere else. Following their 2014 full length "Hoser", and EP "All In My Head" on Pure Noise and New Damage Records, the five canucks from Oakville are already going strong in 2015, sharing the stage on multiple continents with notable names including Neck Deep, Senses Fail, and Bayside. All this leads towards the band's summer residence on Vans Warped tour.


Oakville, ON

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