Codie Prevost

Codie Prevost is a Canadian country music sensation. When he was 14 he picked up his first guitar, and since then his career hasn’t stopped accelerating. He began his journey on the path to fame by playing guitar, and writing songs simply to entertain his friends and family. Little did the world know that those family concerts would spark the pilot light on one of the biggest engines in Canadian country music. Codie has been nominated and won dozens of awards for his art, from the Saskatchewan Country Music Awards to the Canadian Country Music Awards. Codie grew up on a 2,000-acre farm, where his mother runs a small town bar. He has two sisters, one older and one younger. During family events Codie would listen to his mother and his uncle as they played guitar and sang songs. These family concerts were what began to grow the love of music within Codie. Making the leap from farm to fame has not been an easy task. Codie grew up in the 300 person farming community of Archerwill, Saskatchewan. He first learned how to play by picking up his mother’s guitar and practicing until the calluses on his fingers began to develop. After only two years of learning the guitar, Codie began to write as well. Songs began pouring out of the young artist and before long, Codie found himself, engulfed in a sea of talent competitions. Codie’s first band wasn’t even in the country genre. When he started up his first band with some friends, they played mostly punk music. They would play covers from some of their favorite punk bands such as Goldfinger, and Greenday. Codie thrived from the pressure that came from the talent competitions. Each one would give him butterflies right before he was about to play. As soon as the spotlight hit Codie, those butterflies would melt away like a pat of butter. That ability still resides within Codie today, even when he plays concerts with groups like Emerson Drive, or Big and Rich. Codie went to college after high school. While studying academically and honing his craft in music, Codie was still participating in talent competitions. It was one of those competitions where Codie took the exit onto the highway of country music and never looked back. Codie met his manager, Al Leblanc after that talent competition. Together these two were able to take the entertainment industry by storm. With the help of Al, Codie found himself playing concerts every weekend at different bars. When Al first accepted the offer to be Codie’s manager he gave him a task. ‘You have 4 weeks to learn 30 songs.’ Codie got to work, and after only two weeks Al called saying, ‘Hope you’re ready, I booked you for a show!” Codie successfully learned 30 songs in two weeks. Through a friend of Al’s, Codie was able to spend a bit of time in a studio which led to Codie’s first EP called, “Surrounds Me Again.” The song was released in Saskatchewan which is where more doors of opportunity began to appear for Codie. After spending a couple years hopping from bar to bar playing shows every weekend, Codie and Al decided it was about time to record an album. This was not an easy task. Codie’s search for funding ended up at an organization called Community Features, which is put in place to help people achieve their goals by providing the financing and knowledge needed to succeed in business in rural Canada. Codie spent a lot of time searching for funding. He went into many banks to look for loans, none of which wanted to help out. After putting together a five year business plan, Al and Codie went in front of the board and delivered their case. The plan was a success, and Codie received the funding. Soon he was on his way to Nashville to record his very first album. Codie still thanks Community Features for believing in him and giving him the opportunity to share his music with the world. Codie was asked to bring his guitar to demonstrate his abilities to the whole organization. He played his song, “The Road Ahead,” unknowingly foreshadowing the successful career that indeed lay ahead of the star. Using the money from the loan, Codie was able to record his first album in Nashville, Tennessee. Codie still continued to play at the bars, but he was able to play shows with some larger Canadian bands such as Emerson Drive, and Doc Walker. One of the goals outlined in the business plan Codie and Al presented to Community Features was to win at the Saskatchewan Country Music Awards. Not only did that first album win, but it earned Codie seven awards from the SCMAs in 2011. Awards began to flood in for the star. In 2010 Codie won an award for Best Country Song from the Independent Music Awards and he was also nominated for the Lieutenant Governor’s Arts Award. In the three year span from 2011 to 2013 Codie won awards at the Saskatchewan Country Music Association including Entertainer of the Year and Male Vocalist of the Year. Codie was nominated for the Canadian Country Music Awards Rising Star in 2011 and 2012. This past year has been a big one for Codie. He has played concerts with Florida Georgia Line, Joe Nichols, and Big and Rich, he even began a tour with fellow artist Stephen Maguire called “Imagine No Bullying.” During that tour, Codie, Stephen, and the Canadian Red Cross would go from school to school playing music and speaking to the masses in an attempt to bring bullying to an end. More shows are scheduled in April and May for the Imagine No Bullying Tour. The proceeds from these concerts go to the Canadian Red Cross. Throughout Codie’s career, he has remained the same humble farm boy. Every Tuesday night he logs into Twitter to connect with his fans and friends. He wants nothing more than to help people through his songs and he does that. The Imagine No Bullying tour is a great example. Codie is a great musician, a great writer, a great friend, a great husband, and a great leader. His music rocks, and his personality is solid. He is a wonderful person to know, and a talented artist and he has an extensive resume of awards and achievements to prove it.


Archerwill, SK

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